It's time to get out of that contract

Timeshare - a word that has become scary to hear and even scarier if you own one. But what can one do to get away from that money sucking sales agreement. We can help.

Everyday you hear companies advertising on the radio that they can help you out of your timeshare, but they never tell you at what cost. Others charge $5000 or more and most don't use an attorney.

What if ?

What if you could find a attorney that could do what those others say they can do but for less than half of what the others charge, would you like that option? You know you would. But where would you find such an attorney? We can help.

We are a consulting firm with a unique offer...we will find you that attorney. The attorney that will get you out of your timeshare, legally, for about one third of what others charge and yes....guaranteed in writing.

You pay us a one time low fee and we pay the attorney that is why we can find an affordable solution. The best part is that our fee is very low compared to others who charge $5000 or more.

What do you have to lose?

Contact us now for a free consultation and give us a chance to explain your options.


How Do I Cancel My Timeshare?

Call today for a free consultants so we can discuss all the options you may have about getting rid of your timeshare. Remember some options are free and we will be glad to explain those options.

All of this for one unbelievably low price.....

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