I have been taken advantage of so many time with this timeshare that I really was skeptical of PG Consultants when they first called.  Everyone talks a good story but Deborah was not pushy and that I liked. I spoke with Deborah a few times over 3 days and she was always very pleasant and eager to supply me the information I requested that made me feel more comfortable.  They do not have a rating with the BBB because of how long they been in business but Deborah explained that they recently had a name change and the new name has not been in business very long.  I understood that. I did spend money with PG and they did provide me with a licensed attorney by the name of Taylor Moore.  He is very nice and explained everything to me so I could understand.  I would recommend using PG Associates.
Joan G.
I am currently working with Taylor Moore the attorney that Deborah assigned to me.  He is very nice and I feel comfortable that he will do what others have not.  I was amazed of the low price they charged compared to the others that called me. Wish I found him before losing so much money. As it stands I feel like I am in good hands. 
Nora B.